Thursday, December 21, 2017

Solstice Share II: Robert Rheims

What better way to celebrate the longest night than with another Christmas music share?  So, that's what I'm-a gonna do.

Waaaaay back in 2010 I shared out "Merry Christmas in Carols" by Robert Rheims.  So, now seven years later I have a companion piece "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" by The Robert Rheims Choraliers. 

Under Mr. Rheims' direction, his Choraliers - Chorale, Chimes, Harp, Organ, Symphonic Carillon - give us twelve tracks of Christmas carols, each track being a mini-medley of two or three songs.  There are a few songs that may be unfamiliar, most notably "The Christmas Chimes Are Pealing", which is paired with "Here We Come A-Caroling", but most are the old familiar tunes that make us nostalgic ans warm.

Musically, the arrangements are quite good and pleasing.  The record transferred pretty well too, so the tracks are clean, with nice depth and audible separation of the vocal parts.

The 2010 album I shared out was in a red album cover and pressed in beautiful red vinyl.  This album by Mr. Rheims has a striking green cover, and the record is pressed in - hey! - what's this? - beautiful red vinyl.  Must have been able to buy red vinyl in bulk back in the day.

And the astute readers of the blog this year will notice the slightly askance "W" crayoned on the front cover, meaning that this is another album from my buddy Tom (courtesy of his Mom).  Thanks Tom!

Please enjoy "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" by The Robert Rheims Caroliers.

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  1. Awesome!

    I've enjoyed "Merry Christmas in Carols" for the last 7 years and look forward to enjoying this one for the rest of the Holiday Season!

    Thanks, Merry Christmas and Have a Great Winter!