Tuesday, December 5, 2017

From the Buddy Tom Collection: Let's All Sing Christmas Carols

For tonight's quick share (quick because I've got like a dozen things all rolling at once, it seems like), is another album that Ol' Buddy Tom dropped by my place on our way to the Wilco concert.  This one is called "Let's All Sing Christmas Carols" from the Palace label, and has the trademark "W" crayoned in on the album cover to let me know that it is from Tom W.

Although the album cover doesn't credit musicians, the label itself does.  It's The Malvin Carolers with Sy Mann at the Wurlitzer.  Sy Mann!  How about that!  Ol' Sy shows up frequently on Christmas music shares across the 'Net.

The album has 12 songs, all standards, nothing surprising in terms of song selection.  Nothing unusual snuck in like some albums from this era seem to do.

Now, the album cover - looks pretty seasonally typical.  Adorable kids, snow.  The one on the left kinda looks like the one kid from "The Sandlot".   So, they're leaning on snowy bricks.  Are the looking down a chimney?  Doesn't seem plausible.  Into a fireplace?  Wouldn't be snow on the fireplace.  Top of whatever they're looking into is rounded.  Drainpipe?  They are pretty astounded - maybe they've found Pennywise's lair?

Ok - it's getting late....

The music on here is pretty good.  It's well performed.  Brother Sy is at the top of his game.  It's enjoyable stuff if you're in a vintage mood.   So, enjoy the album, and sing along with Sy and the Malvin Carolers!

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