Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Thanks and Acknowledgements

I'd like to take a few minutes here for some thanks and acknowledgements to the folks that help keep this blog going through their support and kinship in Christmas music.

First, thanks to all the readers who stop by here during the season.  This blog is a hobby, but I try to provide good, informational, and entertaining material for you each season.  I'm especially happy with the artist interviews each year, and grateful for the musicians who agree to spend some time being "interviewed" via e-mail.  I hope you all have enjoyed the interviews, features, and shares this season.

And thanks to:

  • Russ Hitt, Katie Garibaldi, and Cassandra Kubinski for being the interviewed musicians this year
  • Old Sound, Bett Butler, Sophia Talvik, and all the other musicians that sent music my way
  • Kasey Rausch and Scottie Stanton, hosts of River Trade Radio on KKFI 90.1 for letting me come aboard for an hour again this year and play some Christmas tunes on your show.  You really make it easy and fun every time!
  • Christmas music buddy Greg - it's great to hang out with a fellow Christmas music nut a few times each yet
  • Buddy Tom for loaning his records for sharing this year
  • Ernie - for setting a high bar for Christmas music sharity
  • Stubby - take care of yourself, my friend.  So happy to see your late season posts!  Hope you make it back for a full season next year.
  • All the guys/gals at Christmas Underground, Christmas-a-Go-Go, Hip Christmas, and all the other blogs doing such a wonderful job at promoting the best new Christmas music every year
  • Joanna at Christmas TV History - a new friend made this season!
  • Brad - who, for me, was the catalyst that really got this thing started
  • All the folks at MyMerryChristmas
  • Jon Solomon - 25 hours, once again
  • Tim Neely - another great year of your Christmas Song of the Day, which I will of course seek out and find them and get them into a playlist
  • And Matt at 200 Days of Christmas - thanks for letting me be a part of your awesome Facebook group - it's an honor and a pleasure!

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  1. Der Bingle, your posts have been great throughout this season and I greatly appreciate them. Thanks for what you bring to the web and to us as we share a love of Christmas music. Happy New Year!