Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Let's Start the Season with a Dose of The Good Life!

 The holiday season is here for year 2022!  So let's get things started with the high spirits and good feels of "The Good Life"!  

"The Good Life" is a new song released in September 2022 performed by Tony Galla.  Tony Galla's roots are in blues and soul, and as lead singer for the band Raven, Tony has performed on the same bills as legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Byrds, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Joe Cocker.  Tony now lives in Los Angeles and stays booked and busy in the SoCal (and beyond) music scene.

For "The Good Life", Tony pushed the "swingin' jazz crooner" button on his internal control panel, and voila! gives us a boppin', smooth, jazzy, finger-snappin' tune reminiscent of true music legends.  Tony Bennett came to mind when I first listened to "The Good Life", but this is no 'just sing it like Bennett' performance, not at all.  Tony Galla brings his own unique touch and hits all the right notes of style, phrasing, and a positive energy that makes this one heckuva song.  

The lyrics are wonderful, just wonderful.  They are so positive and full of the joy of life.  I tell ya, you turn on the news these days, or hit the social media apps, and what you read and hear can bring you down.  Fast.  What we need is joy and goodness and kindness and hugs.  "The Good Life" is a song that delivers that vibe.  It's happy, it's heartfelt, and it makes you feel good.  It's the antidote you need if you're feeling a bit down from the state of the world.  Queue this up and press play, then press repeat.

Here's a short sampling of the lyrics:

Say farewell to stress and strife 
Lets go play among the city lights 
Beneath those lucky stars 
Say hello to the world's delights
Trace your dreams through the satellites
Bottoms up! To having' a ball

A particular favorite lyric of mine:

Give my best to fair-weather friends 
Come be my guest at the rainbow's end 
It's time for the good life


Now, I don't know if the rainbow reference has any implied meaning related to support for the LGBTQ+ community and all other magnificent humans who embrace the symbol.  But I personally feel a strong message of connection and an embrace of all people from this brief lyric.  Love it!

So who is responsible for this song?  None other than one of Merry and Bright's favorite artists, Rehya Stevens!  Rehya co-wrote "The Good Life" with Steve Lang.  They connected with Tony Galla, and together they made beautiful music!  Having listened to Rehya's original Christmas songs so many times, and after interviewing her and talking to her a few times, I'm not at all surprised that such a song of happiness and positivity came from her.  Well done Rehya!  I'm in a perpetual state of anticipation of what she will do next!

Do yourself a favor - check out "The Good Life", performed by Steve Galla, written by Rehya Stevens and Steve Lang.   I've made it easy - here's an embedded video!  Enjoy 😀

I love the animation in the video!  So happy!

Tony Galla website


  1. Wee! My toes are tapping! Great way to kick off the season!

  2. Well, I was curious about the Led Zeppelin name drop, but I looked it up and it appears to be true! That's a man with some history!