Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sharing Season Begins: Living Trio

We've done a couple 'pre-season' shares, albums with one Christmas song included in the track list.  Now it's time for the sharing season to begin in earnest, and we'll start off with "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by the Living Trio with Chimes and Bells.

All of the albums with the "Living" label - Living Strings, Living Voices, Living Guitars - are quite good, and the Living Trio is no exception.  I haven't done the research to learn if the 'Living' albums are all connected in some way, like the same label, production company, etc.  I imagine there is a connection, as the 'Living' logos are very similar.  Perhaps a Merry & Bright reader who knows more about the the story will share a comment.

Back to the Living Trio album.  It perfectly captures that late 60's pop Christmas sound with 10 tracks, all medleys of two to five songs.  Most of the songs are familiar standards, although there are a couple gems that may be new to you - "One Bright Star" (Medley 4) and "Carol, Sweetly Carol" (Medley 9).  The album is a 1967 production from RCA Camden, and this is the stereo version (apparently there is also a mono release).

In the download file the tracks are named "Medley 1", "Medley 2", etc, so please refer to the album art for the songs comprising each medley.  This is a highly enjoyable album, and if you're of an age (as I am) where you recall this particular style of Christmas music as part of your childhood, I think you'll enjoy the Living Trio.

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