Thursday, November 10, 2022

Cristina F is Back with "A Christmas Kiss"!

Cristina F, one of Merry & Bright's favorite new artists of 2021, is back in 2022 with a brand new original song for the holidays, "A Christmas Kiss".  I couldn't be more thrilled that Cristina has a new Christmas song, and really really hope this annual holiday gift of music continues for many years to come.

Cristina's 2021 song "I Won't Be Alone on Christmas Day" was a post-breakup song, though with a decidedly positive spin - the joy of being with family.  "A Christmas Kiss" has exuberantly moved beyond that breakup and is all about head over heels exciting romance, made more special at Christmas time.   "A Christmas Kiss" is fresh, it's upbeat and high energy, and it's unmistakably a Christmas song.  The chimes in the musical arrangement immediately set a holiday tone.  The lyrics include some Christmas imagery - Christmas tree, mistletoe - but they set and support the mood naturally instead of being over the top and forced.  It's a very well-written song with killer backing music.

Here's the best part:  Cristina's singing is amazing.  There's a maturity in her voice that has notably grown in just the past year.  There is a Kelly Clarkson quality to Cristina's vocals in that she hits the top of the notes with confidence and zest, she is pitch-perfect, and she shows a natural power.  But, she is never overpowering, as, in my humble opinion, Ms. Clarkson can be.  For this song, and this tempo, and these lyrics, Cristina gives a perfect performance.  This is a heckuva song.

Treat yourself and watch the video for "A Christmas Kiss"!   Then please go to Bandcamp, download the song, and shoot a few bucks over to Cristina, to keep the great tunes flowin'.  A couple of bucks today may bring us another Christmas song from Cristina in 2023 😀

One last thing before all the links...  Cristina F is exactly the type of artist I love to support.  She is hard working, she is superbly talented, she is dedicated to making great music, and she sure seems to be an incredibly good and nice human being.  Please go check out "A Christmas Kiss" and the rest of her work!

"A Christmas Kiss" on Bandcamp

"A Christmas Kiss" on Soundcloud

Stream "A Christmas Kiss" on Spotify

Cristina F website

Cristina F Facebook

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