Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Pre-Season Share: Leroy Anderson and Boston Pops

It's a couple days before Thanksgiving and the usual start of sharing season, so I'm going to do a 'pre-season' share to ease into things this year.  The featured record is "Fiddle-Faddle - Blue Tango - Sleigh Ride - 10 Other Leroy Anderson Favorites" by the Boston Pops, conducted by Arthur Fiedler.  (OK - someone clearly did not oversee the album titling process).

There is a Christmas connection - the Leroy Anderson classic "Sleigh Ride" is performed by the Boston Pops and included on the album.  Seriously, is it even legal to have a Leroy Anderson album without "Sleigh Ride"?

The selection of songs is quote good.  If, like me, you're less familiar with Mr. Anderson's non-Christmas compositions, you'll find a lot new here, and all very enjoyable, with some you'll recognize, like "The Syncopated Clock".  The title tune "Fiddle-Faddle", "Jazz Pizzicato", "The Waltzing Cat", and the inimitable "Chicken Reel" are excellent examples of the work of one of America's most famous composers.

There is a nice little anecdote related to this record.  Several months ago I received a surprise package in the mail from a good friend of mine, Bob C.  In the mystery package was a Duke Ellington vinyl box set, and a letter signed by Leroy Anderson, together with sheet music for "Blue Tango".  Bob was downsizing some of his old collectibles and thought that the Leroy Anderson autograph would find a better home at my place.  Much appreciated Bob!

Just a couple of weeks later, I was helping to clean my mother-in-law's basement, and I found this record.  Seemed like the perfect partner to the letter and sheet music, so I acquired the record (without objection from the in-laws).  And so here we are, a great record, a nice collectible, and some music to share with all of you.  Enjoy!

Fiddle-Faddle download link

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  1. Oooh, nice autograph! I think that trumps the Shirley Bassey autograph I found on the back of an LP last weekend. :)