Sunday, December 24, 2023

Bah! Humbug.

Well, the plans were Christmas Eve brunch at my son's house, with all the siblings who could make it.  Then, back home for a while before 4:00 Christmas Eve mass, then home for the evening.  Christmas Day plans were a little altered anyway - casual late afternoon with the kids and granddaughter, stockings, soup 'n' sandwiches.  Then big family Christmas was planned for New Year's Day, since our youngest daughter is away, working as a nutrition intern at a college football bowl game in Orlando.

But - a positive Covid test this morning busted those plans all up.

I haven't had Covid since early January 2021, so this is round 2 for me.  Had a sore throat last night, and was more concerned that it might be strep, and I'd need to find a testing location and get an antibiotic on Christmas Eve.  But I did a Covid test first, and it was a big positive.  I have a slight sore throat, a little nasal congestion, and seem to be a bit more tired than usual, but that's it.  But, in the name of not spreading it around, plans today and probably tomorrow are scuttled.  

Oh well - the Christmas season was already extending by a week, so there's a silver (and gold) lining.  Now we just hope that no one else get it before New Year's Day.

So, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I'll be back with a couple other rambling posts before wrapping things up for the year.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


  1. Sorry to hear about that. Meredith is busy baking for a dinner party tonight, then we hit the road for an hour and a half drive tomorrow. But it's supposed to rain. Hopefully that's the worst thing that happens to us. I feel like we had to move everything back a week last year because someone got sick, so it happens. Just roll with it, everything will be OK. Merry Christmas!

    1. Yep - it's more of an inconvenience than anything else. Drive safe! Rain in Florida - shocker!

  2. Ugh! So sorry, my friend. Wish I could bring you soup and a hot toddy. Feel better soon.

  3. hope you feel better... chilly and rain here in central Ohio and taking a low-key approach to today/tomorrow too. BTW thanks for the "Christmas Time" post yesterday... really nice collection. 1967. I was 4. wow.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!