Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Son of New Music Roundup

There was too much great new music for just one roundup, so here we go with another!  Bring on the Son of New Music Roundup (2023).

Negah Santos - "Christmas Time"

Negah Santos, percussion whiz from The Late Show Band, did a late season single drop, "Christmas Time".

Negah, composer, vocalist, and percussionist, is joined by Eduardo Mercuri, Joe Saylor, and MIchael Thurber on this happy little Christmas ditty.  

Negah Santos Bandcamp page


Ojay - "December Snow"

Ojay, hailing from Perth, Western Australia, has released a great new song this Christmas, "December Snow", which is quite intriguing since I'm quite certain that it never snows in Perth, WA in December.  Regardless, it's an excellent new song from a band that I'm going to check out in more depth once the holiday season is over.

I love they lyrics - referencing the Northern Lights and admitting "I've never seen a flake of snow in my life".  Check this one out folks.

From their bio: "Forming in 2018, Ojay brought their high energy, carefree attitude to the bored youth of suburban Western Australia".  Der Bingle likes this.

Ojay website

Ojay on FaceBook



Frida Hansen - "Yule" and "Jól"

Icelandic singer Frida Hansen brings us Yule, an album of eight traditional Christmas songs.  Per her EPK, "Fríða is an Icelandic singer/songwriter. She grew up with riding horses and training and playing with dogs - and all the time singing. She released her first few songs in the fall of 2020, but had been singing and writing songs from a young age." 

Frida Hansen

Frida is a bit mysterious, as info about her is a bit challenging to track down.  Beyond the mystery, though, is her beautiful voice.  Frida's performance of the Christmas standards, including "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", "Silver Bells", and "Fum Fum Fum", tinged with her Icelandic accent, is sublime.  She and her pianist Stefan Thorlieffson also perform what I assume is an original composition, "Merry Christmas Everyone", a fine composition and worthy of its spot alongside an album of standards.

Hey!  Good news!  If you prefer to hear Frida sing these in her native Icelandic, you're in luck!  She and Stefan also have an Icelandic version of the album, Jól.  It's utterly charming.  Both versions are streamable on Spotify.


Lorena Leigh - "Angels We Have Heard On High" 

Entering the holiday season with a danceable spirit, Lorena Leigh rings in holiday cheer with her latest single, “Angels We Have Heard On High.” In a dynamic fusion of catchy indie pop melodies and funky electronic rhythm, Lorena Leigh's interpretation of "Angels We Have Heard On High" entrances listeners with a vibrant journey that celebrates the joy and excitement of the holiday season.

Departing from the classic renditions, Leigh envisions a different scene where the shepherds react to the good news with unbridled jubilation, dancing, and hollering in the fields. "That's what I tried my best to create,” said Leigh. “Something a good shepherd could reeeeally break it down to in their worship and praise! That's my kind of Christmas.”


Save Ferris - "Xmas Blue"

Southern California ska heroes Save Ferris have dropped their first new original song since 2017, the holiday single “Xmas Blue”, a lonely Christmas tale of a heart longing for a loved one who is not there.

Save Ferris leader Monique Powell said, “I wrote the song about someone I knew that went through a hard divorce, and even two years later was still so obsessed with his ex-wife that it was borderline stalking."

Powell added, “I’m excited to give this present to fans as a warmup for what is to come in 2024 with all new music that I’ve been working on and is ready for release!”


D.L. Yancey II - "Christmas Eve" EP

Singer/Songwriter D. L. Yancey II aka DLY2, takes his spot on the holiday new music stage with a new 4-song EP Christmas Eve, featuring the single "Christmas Twist", along with "One Winter's Night", "I'll Be Home", and "Being With You".

Hear Christmas Eve on Spotify
Visit D.L. Yancey II on Facebook
DLY2 on Bandcamp


Death Hags - "Exit to Winter Planet"

So... a Major Award for those who persevered to the final entry in the Son of New Music Roundup.

Death Hags has released a new album for the season.  Exit to Winter Planet features seven new compositions.  Los Angeles musician/songwriter Lola G. aka DEATH HAGS has created a genre-bending world of noise pop, experimental electronic and bass-heavy cinematic soundscapes that fans have called “future sound of dystopian romance.” Death Hags has toured extensively in North America and Europe, playing festivals like SXSW and Pop Montreal. Her music has been featured in Electronic Sound Magazine and Bandcamp Daily as well as films by Christophe Honoré and Steven Soderbergh. She is currently living in the woods near New York, working on her seven-album project BIG GREY SUN.

Exit to Winter Planet is the latest holiday-themed release from Death Hags, following Frozen Santa and Supersonic Noel.  Visit Death Hags' Bandcamp page to see the entire discography.  Listen and enjoy.


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