Sunday, December 3, 2023

New Music: Cliff Beach "Christmas Day Funk"

Cliff Beach's 2021 album "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year" was one of the most fun and enjoyable Christmas music albums of the year.  Now, Cliff is back with a new single "Christmas Day Funk".

"Christmas Day Funk" is a great, high energy, funky Christmas tune.  The thing I love most about Cliff's music is that it seems you can hear him smiling as he sings.  There's just a pure, happy, joyful spirit from the soul that comes through.  I dig it.

Check out the video for "Christmas Day Funk", head to Spotify and add it to your holiday playlists, and be sure to follow Cliff Beach Music on Facebook.  All the links are below.

Extra!  Extra!  Want to hear from the man himself?  Good friend Ken Kessler, proprietor of Sounds of Christmas, connected with Cliff for a new Podcast episode.  Head on over to the Sounds of Christmas podcasts and listen to Ken and Cliff talk about "Christmas Day Funk" and what's up for a 'Big 2024'.

"Christmas Day Funk" on Spotify

Cliff Beach Music

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