Friday, December 29, 2023

Wrapping Up 2023

Hello all!  It's time to wrap up 2023 here at Merry & Bright.  Covid Update:  Today is day 6 after first symptoms.  All symptoms are gone, I'm feeling fine, but still testing faintly positive on the test strip.  So, activity will be limited for one more day.  Protocol says that I can go out masked (since there's been no fever at all and symptoms are gone), so I'm going to hit a couple of record stores briefly today.  But that's about it.  Seeing "Godzilla Minus One" was on the agenda today, but I think I'll push that back until I test negative.

Family Christmas festivities are still scheduled for New Year's Day, so that'll be good.  The youngest daughter was at the Pop Tarts Bowl in Orlando yesterday (12/28).  We saw her on the broadcast a couple times.  And, being with the winning team, she got to help eat the edible mascot after the victory.  We're looking forward to her return to hear all about the trip.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog this year - I appreciate your comments and reading the blog.

Special thanks to Laurie Cameron for delivering the best artist interview I've published.

Special thanks to Tim Neely for his lengthy interview.  I think the collector community really enjoyed Tim's insights and thoughts.

As always, thanks to the Brotherhood of Christmas Music: (INPO) Ernie, Rob, Brad, Greg, Hugh, Tim, Tim, Mitchell, and all the rest, many of whom I'm sure I am unintentionally omitting.

Lots of great music came to Merry & Bright this year.  If you haven't had a chance to scroll through the New Music Roundups, I hope you can take a few minutes and check them out.  Mango Island Sound is a great new friend of Merry & Bright; I can't wait to check out the catalog of Death Hags; Frida Hansen may take the prize for beautiful new voice this year; and so many more!

What will 2024 bring?  Hard to tell.  I love doing the artist interviews and profiles, so I imagine the mojo of the blog will continue to lean that direction.  I feel that I fill a bit of a gap there, amongst the top Christmas Music blogs.  New music features and roundups - yep, those will stay.  

Music Sharing:  I didn't have as many this year, and think that will continue to be a trend.  I'm going to stop buying vinyl "that I don't have" (like the Klokken Ringers, although it was pretty good) and instead only buy ones that really intrigue me (like Nora Aunor).  If the intriguing ones are sharable, I'll share.  After moving hundreds of records to the basement this week, I need to slow the acquiring and enjoy what I have.  Maybe I'll ship the excess to Ernie.  Nah, he's got them all already :-)

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, Happy and Safe Holiday of your personal choosing!   Be Great - Do Great Things - Be Nice To Others.   See you around!

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