Sunday, December 4, 2022

Classic Collectible: "Adventure in Carols" by Ferrante & Teicher

The 1955 album "Adventure in Carols" by Ferrante & Teicher is one of the most sought-after albums in the world of Christmas music collecting.  I was lucky enough to find this record at a local records store a couple of years ago.  It was one of those moments - I pulled it out of the bin, clutched it closely to me to hide it from any ne'er-do-wells lurking nearby, and scanned the store for other potential evildoers.  Finding none, I bought the album, barely concerned with the price (it was reasonable, BTW).

Arthur Ferrante and Louis Teicher were a duo of pianists who were exceptionally creative with their arrangements and expanded use of their instruments.  Technically, a piano is a percussion instrument, because the strings are struck, but Ferrante & Teicher went far beyond what most would consider normal piano playing.  Strumming, plucking, and striking the open strings, probably striking the body of the piano for a drumbeat sound, they produced amazingly innovative music.

"Adventure in Carols" has 12 songs, all 'traditional', well known carols, but they are performed in ways you've never heard before, and in some ways, since.  F & T have undoubtedly been inspirations for many musicians hoping to turn a traditional song into something new and exciting.  And, they have inspired not only musicians, but also many in the Christmas music collecting community.  This album showed us just how much diversity and originality can exist within the holiday music domain, and has driven us to seek out the obscure and unusual.  A tip of the (Santa) hat to Ferrante & Teicher.

Please enjoy "Adventure in Carols"


  1. This is a great one! You're lucky to have been able to get a copy for a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think it's the second-most I've paid for a record. An original "White Christmas" movie soundtrack was a bit more.