Wednesday, December 21, 2022

20 Questions with Jessy J!

Jessy J, California sax player extraordinaire, released one of the top new Christmas albums this season, California Christmas 2.  The contemporary and Latin jazz musician has emerged as one of the top musicians in SoCal.  Jessy released "Blue" earlier this in 2022, an 8-song album of original compositions, prior to California Christmas 2, with it's 9 traditional songs, reimagined as soulful Cali-jazz tunes.  Jessy is also a member of Ray Chew's house band for Dancing with the Stars.  

This isn't Jessy's first venture into the world of Christmas music.  She released California Christmas in 2016, and was a featured performer on Merry & Bright favorite Rehya Stevens' song Fly Past My Roof on Rehya's album Celebrate.

Jessy has been very busy this season, performing gigs across the county and playing selections from California Christmas 2.  Between shows, Jessy found time for a 20 Questions feature for Merry & Bright, a fun little exercise in rapid-fire Q&A, so you can learn a little bit more about Jessy!

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California Christmas Vol. 2

20 Questions with Jessy J

1. Favorite Christmas Song
Feliz Navidad

2. Favorite SoCal Christmas Activity
Going to the Beach

3. Best Celebrity Dance Competition
Dancing with the Stars

4. Fruitcake? Yes or No

5. Musician Who Inspires You
John Coltrane

6. Favorite Holiday Sweet Treat

7. Number of Instruments You Play
More than 10

8. Surprising Fact About Yourself
Born in Oregon

9. How often are you confused with Jessie J?
Not that much anymore

10. Your level of Christmas decorating – None, Light, Moderate, OMG It’s Blinding!

11. Artist you would most like to meet

12. Favorite Family Christmas Tradition
Singing Carols

13. Dogs, cats, or other?

14. Career recognition dream – Grammy, Oscar, EGOT?

15. Favorite Christmas Recording Artist
Bing Crosby

16. Favorite food

17. Favorite charitable organization or cause you support
LA Mission  (Editor's note:  Click here to visit and support the LA Mission)

18. Best concert ever that you attended
Tom Petty

19. Would you like to say a few words to your fans?
MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays!

20. “A California Christmas 3” in the future?
That's a possibility….:)

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