Wednesday, December 7, 2022

37 Sounds of Christmas

I'm happy to share with you "Sounds of Christmas", a 3-record boxed set from the Symphonette Music Service featuring 37 timeless classic Christmas songs.  I don't recall where I acquired this set - maybe given to me by a friend, maybe picked up for a couple bucks at a thrift.  The box is in fair-at-best shape, but the records inside are extremely clean, apparently rarely played, so the transfers to digital came out very well.

Among the 37 tracks are a couple medleys, a couple songs that aren't as familiar as the usual A-listers, but generally these are the songs you know, the ones you grew up with and still love to hear every season.  They are very well orchestrated and performed, and hit that 'symphonette' sweet spot of style.  Just imagine 1960s/1970s symphonette carols, and that's what you'll get with this excellent set.

I don't know much about the set or the Symphonette Music Service.  I know there are collectors out there (especially one in Arizona) who are experts in the world of vinyl box sets.  Maybe one of them will comment with some background.

While we wait for the experts, please download and enjoy "Sounds of Christmas"


  1. This set was basically a last ditch effort to save the Longines Symphonette Society label in the mid 1970s. The SQ 95378 number indicates it was done for the CAPITOL RECORD CLUB at the time that the Longines people were running the club. It is basically a distilled compilation of tracks from almost all of the earlier Longines Symphonette Christmas box sets. The vocals were done by the Wittnauer Choraliers. My guess is this came out in late 1974 - just before the final closure of the LSS label by the Feds for fraudulent sweepstakes and sales practices.