Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Great Christmas Story and a "Fantastic" Collection

Earlier this week I pulled out my copy of "A Fantastic Holiday Season" from the stacks to read as I hopped around from place to place running errands.  It's an 18 story collection from sci-fi/fantasy writers, edited by Kevin J. Anderson, one of the best in the business.  It was published in 2013 and features stories from as far back as 1991.

One of these stories popped out as one of the finest Christmas stories I've ever read.  Definitely in-genre, it combines two of my favorite literary motifs - Christmas and time travel, with Christmas music having a significant role in the story.  The story is "Jukebox Gifts" by Dean Wesley Smith.  The publisher's summary is " A bar, five friends, and a very special jukebox that lets you time travel back to a memory for the length of the song.". I don't give away spoilers, but to me the story hits the heart of the Christmas spirit.  It's eminently readable and very original.  

So, if you're into Christmas fiction, especially in the sci-fi, fantasy, and even a bit of horror genre, I recommend picking up "A Fantastic Holiday Season".  Some of the stories are a little dark, but I've enjoyed each one so far.  It's full of surprises cover to cover.

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