Friday, November 29, 2019

Exclusive Premiere: Ren Geisick "Feels Like Christmas"

Merry and Bright! is privileged to present to you the premiere of "Feels Like Christmas", a new original song written and performed by Ren Geisick.

Ren Geisick, hailing from San Jose, CA, is a musician in the style that Der Bingle loves best - the style that defies a strict description.  Inspired in her youth by greats such as Patsy Cline and Frank Sinatra, Ren's music brings many styles and influences together into a genre all her own.  You'll hear jazz, bluesy emotion, folk-americana, a touch of the country from Ms. Cline, and the best aspects of pop rhythm and melody in her songs.  And, Ren's singing sounds so natural and effortless.  In "Feels Like Christmas" she has a smooth, tranquil style, yet there is character, just a touch of edginess that defines her vocal identity.  It's a quality that is very subtle, but immensely ear-catching.

"Feels Like Christmas", releasing on December 1 (and graciously allowed to be premiered here at M&B) is a sublime new Christmas song.  In "Feels Like Christmas", Ren sings of, perhaps, a Christmas that isn't as they used to be.  No snow - just hoping for some rain, not as many presents this year.  But then the song warmly reflects on the things that truly matter and what can make it feel like those Christmases from childhood, evoking sentimental memories of family gathered together on Christmas morning.  Singing a Christmas song, the spirituality of angels, sharing peace, love, and togetherness - these are what brings Christmas into each of us.  The song reminds us that maybe we don't need all the traditional, expected things to make it feel like like the Christmas season.  Christmas is what each of us makes it to be.  It's reminiscent of the closing line from "The Secret of Christmas":

It's not the things you do at Christmas time
It's the Christmas things you do 
All year through

"Feels Like Christmas" perfectly captures this spirit of the season.

And so, I invite you to enjoy "Feels Like Christmas", written and performed by Ren Geisick.

"Feels Like Christmas" is available beginning December 1.  Please visit Ren Geisick's Bandcamp page to listen and purchase.

Ren Geisick website

Come back to Merry & Bright soon for more from Ren!


  1. There is more coming soon here about Ren and her Christmas music - stay tuned!