Monday, November 25, 2019

Fruitcake #4: Sour Cream Fruit Cake

I promise you, dear readers, that I have more for you this year than an endless stream of fruitcake recipes.  Just a few more days of pre-Thanksgiving posts, then we'll get to the real good stuff.

So, here's another hand-written recipe, in my Mom's* own longhand for Sour Cream Fruit Cake.  Looks fairly standard ingredient-wise, except for the sour cream.  I guess that keeps the cake moist for a longer period, maybe?  Makes it less dense?

Coarsely grated citron implies fresh citron.  I know one can purchase candied citron, so I suppose that would work.  I've never seen fresh citron anywhere.

And soda.  Baking soda.  Hmmm... this gets more intriguing the more I look at it.  Sour cream for moistness, soda for bubbly lightness.  Maybe this is a spongy fruitcake.

Oh, and I'd use dates and figs :-)

Here ya go - Sour Cream Fruit Cake.

* As I write this, my Mom is 6 days short of her 100th birthday :-)

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