Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! Plus, a "Buon Natale" Reshare

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Though I've been posting a few things here and there - album reviews, fruitcake recipes - I haven't started sharing music yet.  So, here on Thanksgiving Day, it's time to rev up the sharing engine.  Gotta start slowly, though.  Don't want to get it too revved up too quick :-)

So, I want to start with a re-share from last year.  2018 saw some ripping issues where sound quality was suspect.  I found and fixed the problem, so I have re-ripped some of my favorites from last year to re-share with you.  The audio is much better this time around.

First up is "Buon Natale - Christmas in Italy" by Sergio Franchi and other Italian recording stars.  You can find my comments about the album in last year's post.  As I was re-ripping this one, I was reminded about just how good an album this is.  The cast of recording artists and the song selections really stand out.  So, click the link below to enjoy an Italian Christmas celebration!

Sergio Franchi Buon Natale re-share


  1. There's some great versions of some standards hidden on this one! Thanks!

  2. As you know, you never know what you're gonna get as far as music quality when you buy a from the bins. But this one is a winner.