Friday, November 15, 2019

Happy Holidays 2019!

We're off to a great 2019 holiday season, Christmas season, Hannukah season, Kwanzaa season, or your own personal season of joy, reflection, merriment, happiness, remembrance, celebration, and/or solitude.  We respect everyone's holidays here at Merry & Bright, and celebrate in spirit with you all.

This season at Merry & Bright is shaping up to be a good one.  At least, I hope that what I find to share with you, whether it's music, reviews, musings about books and stories, or maybe even shared recipes from the Bingle family history, helps make your holiday season a smidge more jolly.

I've already posted a couple reviews of terrific new Christmas albums, from the MonaLisa Twins and the Dallas String Quartet.  There are a few more album reviews forthcoming, and I'm very excited about them.

It's been a great week regarding new music announcements.  Some of Merry & Bright's absolute favorites have new music this year:
  • Rehya Stevens has a new single 'Tis the Season', which is featured in the new Disney+ movie "Noelle", starring Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick.
  • Sofia Talvik is releasing her annual free(!) Christmas song "Christmas Train", which is a modern take on the legend of Krampus.
  • And, if that ain't enough, Found Wandering has a 3-song EP coming soon of Christmas songs recorded live last year.  Der Bingle was treated to a preview, and man is it good!  I mean, really good.  You may recall that Found Wandering's catalog is one of my picks as essential Christmas music.  I'm glad they are back with new songs this year!
I'll be writing more about each of these in days to come.

Oh, and hey - did I hear that there is a new Christmas album from Mrs. Helen Marf?  I think I did.  Stay tuned.  Rumors emerging from the tympani enthusiasts underground indicate that it's a good one.

So, we're underway like Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.  Come back often!


  1. Thank you for everything! Would you care to take up the rein from Stubby?

  2. Man, I don't have the energy to do justice to Stubby's House of Christmas! I'm glad he's keeping the List up this year.