Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Card-n-Song

I'm thrilled to bring you tonight's share - this may be my best find of the season. This is a "Card-n-Song" by the Mulcays, on Cardinal Records from 1954. This was produced here in Kansas City and must have never strayed far from home, as I found it at Earwaxx, my favorite local used record store.

Looks like the idea here was a record inside a Christmas card, to send to your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Must have been intended for in-person giving only, and not to send through the mail (although I'll bet some did get sent through the USPS). Hmmmm.... giving Christmas songs to family and friends...sounds like what we do when we give out copies of our annual Christmas comps...  What progressive thinking by Cardinal Records!

The record and sleeve are in excellent condition. One would not think that it is 56 years old. Minimal wear, no mustiness.  A great little record.

As with several other records, there is not much information about the artist or the label, except for this: Billboard Nov. 6, 1954. A full-page ad in Billbard for this very record! (I wish I could save the page from Google Books - haven't accomplished that yet).  There is some brief information on Wikipedia about Cardinal Records, and a few Google hits on The Mulcays, but info is limited.

If anyone knows anything more about the Mulcays or Cardinal Records in Kansas City, please post a comment.

Enjoy The Mulcays Card-n-Song!

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