Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two from Hallmark

It's been another busy weekend for Der Bingle.  Christmas shopping, candy making (the English Toffee gods were of joyful spirit and allowed two batches of perfect toffee), youth basketball games, and repairing a dog fence in 10 degree weather.  So, here it is Sunday night, and I'm just getting to sharing some music.

I have two albums from Hallmark Cards, "The Best Loved Christmas Carols", from 1985, and "Songs for the Holidays", from 1987.  According to the album cover, the 1985 release was Hallmark's first Christmas music album.  It features the London Symphony Orchestra performing twelve traditional Christmas Carols.

"Songs for the Holidays", the 1987 release, again features the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, as well as soloists Peter Hofmann (tenor) and Deborah Sasson (soprano).

These are exceptional recordings, meeting the high standards one expects from Hallmark.  Hallmark is a major presence here in Kansas City, privately owned by the Hall family.  Christmas is a very special season for Hallmark.  Hall's department store here in the heart of the city features many elaborately decorated Christmas trees throughout their store - well worth a visit.

How about a 1986 album?  I have it as well, but found it very recently and have not had a chance to rip it yet.  I hope to share it out this year.  If not, it'll be here next season.

For your listening enjoyment, Hallmark's "Best Loved Christmas Carols" and "Songs for the Holidays".

Carols download link

Songs download link

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