Sunday, December 19, 2010

Readers Write

Back on an earlier post, a reader submitted a link to a version of "Sleigh Ride" performed by George Cates with vocals by The Heartbeats.  Per the reader, George Cates was Lawrence Welk's arranger and producer.  The source of the share is a 1950 78rpm record.  Thanks to the reader who submitted it, and in case anyone missed it in the comments back in November, here's a link to the file:


  1. Thanks for posting my contribution. I wasn't sure if it was gonna post this year. Surely, I will return next year for more of your shares. Thanks for providing a new alternative to some of the older Xmas blogs. Have a happy and safe holiday!

  2. Also, congrats on successfully attaining a spot on the King of Jingaling's compilation! While most songs typically appear from a singular blog resource, it was a pleasant surprise to see a new and deserved contribution from a new blogger!