Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mistletoe Times Two

Tonight's album is a 2-record set from The Mistletoe Orchestra, entitled "Happy Holidays". This is from Mistletoe Records from sometime in the 1970's.

There's not much information about the artists on the record cover. Actually, none. "The Mistletoe Orchestra" gets credit for the performance, but there is no further information about the musicians. There is a past discussion about Mistletoe over at with some information about the label.

This album has a country music style to it, but it's not overly twangy. I'm not really a country music fan, and have very few Christmas recordings by C&W artists, but I found this record to be very enjoyable. One of the principle singers sounds like Roger Miller, and the songs are very competently performed by the musicians. No rowdy hoe-down here, just a nice collection of country-ish Christmas songs.

Give a listen (or two) to "Happy Holidays" by the Mistletoe Orchestra.

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  1. Only confirmed singer is bobby helms. A remake of jingle bell rock found on some of the cheaper bobby helms albums. Also the music was played independently from the singers, as many of the songs on happy holidays appear on those bobby helms albums yet he is not the singer on happy holidays, but the music is identical. Any info on the other artists would be appreciated

  2. I'm liking this one a lot. Just country enough without actually being a country record.

  3. Confirmed with Lloyd Greene that he played many of the pedal Steele parts for many of the tracks. He says this is directly out of Aubrey Mayhews studio but cannot confirm any artist other than Bobby Helms on jingle Bell rock and silver bells.

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  5. Just affirmed artist is bobby steerages. A redo of jingle chime shake found on a portion of the less expensive bobby rudders collections. Additionally the music was played autonomously from the vocalists, the same number of the tunes on merry Christmas show up on those bobby steerages collections yet he is not the artist on merry Christmas, but rather the music is indistinguishable. Any information on alternate craftsmen would be valued
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  7. They're selling this collection on Apple Music as "The Christmas Holiday" by The Holly & Ivy Orchestra